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Bayshore offers our Agility training program at our main Howell location. Our Agility Program will provide Agility Training classes for Beginners through Masters. Bayshore also offers private and semi-private Agility classes in addition to the standard program.

We recommend all puppies and brand new Handlers start with the Beginners or Puppy Foundation class to try Agility and see if Agility is for you.

We would also suggest that a basic Pet Obedience class be taken if you have done no prior traiining. This will help insure that you and your dog have a basic set of skills. For additional information on the Pet Obedience classes, please click here.

All classes at Bayshore are taught with positive, motivational methods. They are intended to be fun for both the dog owner and the dog, while still providing the desired results.

Our Agility classes are held in Howell in a private indoor arena, or at one of our other agility training locations in Monmouth County such as Colts Neck Fire House in Colts Neck.

An overview description of the training program is given below. Also see Class Progressions to see how classes progress within the training program.


The Bayshore Agility program teaches you how to work with your dog with basic skills all the way through Masters level skills. This program offers a series of seven classes including: Beginners, Advanced Beginners, Sequencing, etc.. Bayshore's Agility classes teach you the skills needed to earn Agility titles and to practice running Agility courses. There are three main titles that can be achieved; Novice, Open and Excellent. Each level is more difficult than the previous, similar to achieving a higher education.

The Agility Classes currently offered are as follows:

In addition to the classes listed above, Bayshore also offers Specialty Classes that focus on specific skills for any/all levels. Private and Semi Private Classes are also offered for those seeking or needing individual attention.

Please see: for a description of AKC Agility.



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