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Fitness for your Dog -- Introduction

Class begins on 3/19/2023 and ends on 3/19/2023

Class starts at 11:00 AM and ends at 12:00 PM

Duration: One week Sunday Morning

Training Level: Beginners or Puppy Foundation

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Instructor: Heather Freeman

Registrar: Renee Shriver

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  • Members - $25.00

  • Non Members - $30.00


This will be an introduction to canine fitness.


Instuctor is Heather Freeman. 


This class will count as one week towards your AKC FIT DOG course if you want to work on the title.


Your dog should be able to work in the presence of other dogs. 

This is not physical therapy and if your dog has an undiagnosed condition this class is not for you. If your dog has an injury or illness and your vet has given approval for the dog to be active you can attend. 


Heather is certified in Canine Fitness through Northeast K9 Conditioning — CCAS (Certified Canine Athlete Specialist) and an AKC FIT DOG instructor for levels 1 & 2. 


NEW to AKC  Fit Dog Titles

The American Kennel Club is committed to improving and maintaining the fitness and health of all dogs and their owners.

AKC FIT DOG titles were designed to provide a structured, individualized fitness plan that you and your dog can do together.

There are 3 levels of AKC fitness titles—Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each title requires a specific number of activity points to be completed, which varies based on title level.

Bronze – 5 Points            Silver – 10 Points            Gold – 20 Points

Within each level, there are 6 categories of activities to choose from to earn your points. Detail for each category appear in the Participant Guide.

AKC Fitness Title Categories:

  1. AKC FIT DOG Course
  2. Runs (community runs such as a Turkey Trot, Spring Scurry, etc.)
  3. Walks and hikes (Independent or Group)
  4. Unique to You and Your Dog (e.g., swimming, Parkour)
  5. AKC title that is fitness related (e.g., FAST CAT, agility)
  6. AKC Parent Club Performance Titles (e.g., pack dog, sledding)

For each of the 3 levels of titles, a minimum number of points must be earned in at least 2 categories for the title to be awarded.

AKC FIT DOG titles are noncompetitive, and dog owners may choose different activities to earn titles. 


Your dog should be able to work in the presence of other dogs. 

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