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Our Programs

Bayshore offers 2 main training program categories. Obedience (and related including Pet Training) and Agility. Other specialty training classes are offered periodically when there is interest in those classes. After looking at our normal training class programs if you don't see a class you might be interested in, please contact the appropriate training committee and ask about the class or training you are interested in.

We also offer seminars and specialty (or introductory) classes in various topics from time to time (including Agility, Obedience, Show Handling and other specialty areas including herding, tracking, flyball, freestyle, etc.)

All classes at Bayshore are taught using positive, motivational methods. They are intended to be fun for both the dog owner and the dog, while still providing the desired results, i.e., creating the dog you want to live with. Bayshore recommends all dog owners commit to one year of training with their dogs.

Bayshore has 1 main training location in Tinton Falls with 2 buildings designed for dog training and other club activities.

  • Most of our Agility Training and Seminars are done at our Tinton Falls location in Building B. The facility is an indoor, turf floor arena with a heated and air conditioned ready room with bathroom facilities. We also offer some introductory Agility classes in Building A in Tinton Falls.
  • Most of our Obedience, Pet, Rally and Other training is done at our Tinton Falls Location in Building A. This is an indoor air conditioned and heated open classroom with Agiliflex matting.  Building A also has appropriate bathroom facilities.
  • We also offer classes in other locations from time to time.
  • Please check the schedule for the classes you are interested in for the actual location where the class is taught.
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