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Agility Training Program

The Bayshore Agility program teaches you how to work with your dog with basic skills all the way through Masters level skills. This program offers a series of seven classes including: Beginners, Advanced Beginners, Sequencing, etc.. Bayshore's Agility classes teach you the skills needed to earn Agility titles and to practice running Agility courses. There are three main titles that can be achieved; Novice, Open and Excellent. Each level is more difficult than the previous, similar to achieving a higher education.

The Agility Classes currently offered are as follows:

  • Foundation for Sports
  • Foundation Skills
  • Agility Skills 1
  • Agility Skills 2
  • Introduction to Course Work
  • Agility Course Work 1
  • Agility Course Work 2

In addition to the classes listed above, Bayshore also offers Specialty Classes that focus on specific skills for any/all levels. Private and Semi Private Classes are also offered for those seeking or needing individual attention.

For a description of AKC Agility, click here.

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