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Class Descriptions


This class is for pet dogs or future competition obedience dogs.  This class teaches basic behaviors such as attention on name, sit, down, come and walking on a loose leash.  Puppies will be given the opportunity to socialize with both other puppies and people.  Behavior problems such as mouthing, jumping, chewing and house training will be addressed.  

Dogs should be between 10 weeks and 4 1/2 months of age.


This class teaches all of the basic obedience skills your dog needs (come when called, sit, down, stay, wait at the door, etc.).  House manners and common behavior issues (house training, jumping on people, etc.) are covered.  

Dogs should be 5 months or older with no prior training, or dog should be a Puppy class graduate.


This class continues the learnings from the Beginner 1 class, focusing on distance control and working around increasing distractions.  You will be very surprised how much you and your dog will benefit from this class.  Among other things, you will be able to call your dog around distractions, have your dog do an "emergency" down when away from you and ask for a down/stay with increasing distractions and distance from your dog.  Weather permitting, some of the classes may be conducted outside the building.  

 Dog needs to have graduated from a Beginner 1 class


This class will teach you the exercises needed to earn the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate.  Run-thrus will be conducted to simulate an actual test.  Please see the AKC website for more information on the CGC certification program.  Actual CGC testing will be offered to all class graduates.

Dog needs a solid sit and down stay, recall, loose leash walking or heeling and recall.  Needs to have minimally graduated from a Beginner 2 class or equivalent.  


This class will continue to work on the skills learned in Beginner 2.  Focus will be on having a dog with good manners in real life situations.  Distance, distractions and duration will be worked on.  This class will cover the items needed for AKC's Community Canine test, CGCA.  

Dog needs to have graduated from the Beginner 2 class.   


This class prepares your dog to pass a standardized therapy dog test, which will enable you to volunteer wherever therapy dogs are welcomed.  Therapy dogs are traditionally found in hospitals and rehabilitative facilities, as well as in hospice and nursing homes.  Additionally, libraries and schools encourage visiting therapy dog teams which educate children about pet care and safety and offer the opportunity of participating in the National Kids Read Program.  Please see for more information on therapy dogs and testing.  

Dogs must be 1 year old and have a CGC.  Dog needs a solid sit and down stay, recall, loose leash walking or heeling and recall.  Needs to have minimally graduated from the Manners and Social Skills class.    

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