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Bayshore offers training programs at our Tinton Falls location for Pet Obedience, Competition Obedience, Rally, and Nose Work. Which one you follow is based on your interests. We also have a  comprehensive agility program. (Please see Agility programs). We also offer a selection of agility classes at our Tinton Falls Location (see Agility below). In addition, we also offer Show Handling classes.

Typically each class is 6 weeks in duration. Classes meet once per week for 1 hour. Class tuition ranges from $100.00 to $140.00 per class for Bayshore Club members and from $120.00 to $165.00 for non members.

We recommend all puppies start with the Pet Obedience program and take the Puppy Kindergarten class. Informative letter about socialization and puppy training. CLICK HERE.

If you have no prior experience with dog training, you should continue in the pet obedience program through the Beginner 2/CGC  class.

If you have prior experience with dog training and dog sports, you can jump into one of the other programs at any point.

All classes at Bayshore are taught with positive, motivational methods. They are intended to be fun for both the dog owner and the dog, while still providing the desired results, (e.g., creating the dog that is a pleasure  to live with).  

See below for descriptions of the training programs. Also see Class Progressions to see how classes progress within each of the training programs.

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